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Dongguan Senfutong Paper Co., Ltd.
Fabricante personalizado
Principais produtos:Jogo de Tabuleiro/Jogo de Cartas/Jogo de Jogar, Puzzle
Número da classificação 3 mais popular em Jogo de TabuleiroSuppliers fortune 500 companiesYears in industry(20)Total floorspace (20,137㎡)

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This supplier has been verified onsite by world-leading inspection company,
SGS Group
Verificado no local pelo mundo-empresa líder de inspeção, SGS Group

Verified Main Products

        Our factory has 125 production workers, and our enterprise has passed I S O 9 0 0 1 and Disney, Universal film system audit other institutions conducted social responsibility, anti-terrorism, human rights, quality system audit. And has I C T I, F S C certificates , a number of practical production patents. The workshop has dozens of industry-leading equipment, which are imported from Germany, Heidelberg CP2000, Roland 700 and other folic six-color machine, four-color machine and two-color printing machine. Post-printing equipment has automatic laminating machine, automatic laminating machine, automatic beer machine, automatic paste box machine, automatic manual box, 6 boutique hand box production lines, 3 automatic game card production lines. Specializing in the production of puzzle equipment more than 20 sets, set design, plate making, printing, surface treatment, die cutting, packaging one-stop production; Full implementation of three-dimensional order tracking, and quality process management, to ensure customer quality and delivery. Please contact Senfutong, you will find that he is your trustful and partner!

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